Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where thou i find thee...

Is it in dreams,or in gentle winter flakes,i shall find thee...
do you look for me too as i tenderly search for you...
will we meet in this lifetime?
will we know that one sitting silently in corner was meant to be..
beyond the loftiest mountains,liberating yourself free...
in the tandem disarray,you come to me and say,
come to love,you lovelorn,
and fitfully i would cling in your arms,
my moulds shattered
my pain,my desire creeping in your veins
in those warm handclasps
beyond that serenading
an evanescent union,fading
 and dewy leaves left to witness
a story never meant to be...
but we shall have a story after all,
time bound or limitless,we shall see...
when your crisp presence hits me,
would i say..
so late you are,
i waited long and would wait still...
for we are each others still
we meet here or drift in a maze...
i would write more
in your anticipation,
when old lady of love over there says,
you are just around the corner,
in these confusing bylanes..
she knows us beyond this lifetime for sure
and our love will niether wilt nor wither....