Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leaf from my life...

Silent dwelling somewhere,green vistas,folk music,naive people,writing pad, quintessential solitude,empty minds,stroking my hands in flowing stream,watching moss grow on stones,countryside terrains,walking a mad wild dog,running on forest laden untroden paths,i want to liberate my soul,free it from angst i hold,release grudge,grasp my soul and free it...
Pain has moved me to shores i was hesitant to visit,but now i shall visit those doors again for they hold a promise,a reason,a lesson,cryptic understanding.
Narrow human proclivities,actually inhuman,collapse of ethics and conscience,ego maniacal tendencies and grin..that evil grin which pervades their shallow stream of thought.There is no remedy till yet,other than individual awakening of consciousness which only fortunate few will hopefully understand in lifetimes they circulate.
When we start becoming comfortable with our insensitivity?
A retreat in mossy woods,flying insects,mosquito bites, dilapidated huts,half cooked rice,relegated from civilization.. with its potential problems looks more alluring and satisfying that the bizarre world where our opinions of others change as quickly as our breaths,where killing is sacrosanct and killing the killer is the way out,where sick person is at mercy of doctor,where few doctors are doctrined to principle;
if other is obedient and cattle,he deserves to be treated,where if you are forthright you are crushed,where your buds are crushed before they can bloom....

Ah!god!for some time please,make me forgetful of dark side which life has,and let me be laid in nest of slumber and solitude in far away mountains...

it is very personal memoir,of how pain transforms,makes you question things you least care about,had much to write,but rest may be in silent chapters of my diary..


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  2. Is this just a leaf??? This is a consolidated view, a peep into your soul... the ephemeral yet, eternal soul...entangled in unnecessary & pointless rigmaroles of life...and it is incumbent on you to set it free..
    And, no need to reiterate that you speak my mind; you are the mirror to my soul.
    watching moss grow on stones, walking a mad wild dog,stroking hands in flowing stream, and a nest of slumbar and solitude in far away mountains...
    What more shall I say?

  3. welcome back to world of blogging :)