Tuesday, September 29, 2009


in atoms of life,
in seeds in womb,
in dance of galaxies,
in darkness of black holes..
in twined DNA of life,
in a soul far from cry,
life is happening in each moment,
reverberating in winds,
flying in clouds,
tiny specks in cosmos,
of human existence..
of life in ghettos,
of soulful sun..
life in spring...
with leap of faith..
of determinism and free will,
in tune with miracles and divine interference
of journey we beckon,
of wisdom we garner,
stepping on failures
and rising past them
accepting the unified
and cosmic presence
of stars that shine,
and moon that glints..
of eclipses which overshadow
our dreams in transit
yet the dew shines on petals,
and child smiles anyway,
flowers blossom
and winters turn to may.
good shall come
or may not
but keep singing the eternal song
in wilderness of existence
hold your self..and kiss
you exist,
is a miracle..
of countless chaos bundled in order
for you to witness
the joy,
turn away not..
trust me..

life will shine like thousand sparkling suns on you too,
but deny not yourself the pain,
you been passing through..
your alchemist will turn you to gold
when time beckons
and make you dance in eternal world of matter,space and whole...

mun mun

PS : it is quite chaotic and incoherent but that is the state i am in while writing it and a surge of release for me...


  1. thxx..
    and the rest??
    beyond ur comprehension..;)

  2. waah !

    its wonderful just like the cosmos is....chaotic, incoherent & yet wonderful...

    keep up !!

  3. physicists say there is a buzz that fills the soul of universe...the faint ripple of big bang...or may be the divine song of chaotic ecstacy of playful universe itself..some call it the music of spheres..the heartbeat of existence...ur poem celebrates this music of spheres....sometimes from these spheres few drops fall and aware people catch-hold of them...god bless u Varuna... regards ...Neeraj

  4. thxx neeraj jee..
    i second ur thoughts!!
    keep shining...:)

  5. nice write up varuna:)
    love to read your writings...