Wednesday, September 9, 2009


be hopeful..!!
have faith..!!!
be optimistic...!!!
keep smiling in spite of troubles...!!!

i think we all have heard inspiring things like this in our lives, i too have..but then there is sometime when you just cannot smile,
when you want to weep,
when you want to be vulnerable,
when you cannot think straight,when you want to quit...
is it all that bad?
have we always have to wear facade of optimism and
cheerfulness on our face?
cannot we be sad and sombre?
have we always have to be part of crowd?
cannot we have a moment with our self?
do we always need to share pleasantries?
cannot we be doleful and whisper our secrets to trees,clouds and look for a private space where no one intrudes?
cannot we wish a situation where we are not judged,dissected,criticized,but are accepted as part of unified particle of universe which beholds us!!!
cannot we stop to talk or see faces of men?
cannot we enter shrine of our soul?
cannot we fly?
do we always need to masquerade? cannot we breath freshness in our stale robotic lives where we are required to act,think and belief as per preconceived notions?
a life of hope and despair,light and dark,tears and laughter,day and night,yin and yang....

i will smile...sure
but i will shed a tear too when i feel like..
i shall be strong...
but will nurture my weaknesses too..
i will welcome day
but will dance in night too..
i shall share my being
but will search my space too...
i shall be ying
but will be yang too...

P.S:i don't know what was going through my mind when i wrote this and many ppl Will not accept it,that is how they see life and i don't wish to change how they see..
it is through my understanding of life..


  1. so you are into that depression phase once again....aur main aapko kya samjhaun main khud hi aise hi tang aa jata hu...but you no best thing kya hai in sab mein...the more you keep it out that is when you tell ur near ones that ur feeling this way you start feeling better, coz you know that they will be there...isliye gud you wrote this,better to keep it out than in(as they say in movie SHREK :D)...baaki dont be sad and dont give up i know its tough..but as they say one should never give up at the end and you are very near to your goal, so bee happy and keep smiling..i think this i wrote philosphy like you used to do :P

  2. i thank you brother with all my heart and soul..for beibg there for me...
    i dont have words but you really are a pink diamond for me!!!!

  3. Varuna you are right and sublime. we often become more sad about being sad....not that sadness is that much troublesome in itself..but the ingrained idea of is a season....winter of heart and one should accept it need to pretend being you say..sadness has its own beauty and is not superficial like so called cleanses and grounds has a tranquility...that gives you perspective....more understanding....
    and finally when the dark clouds precipitate....u get drenched in the beautiful outpouring of your own being....regards...neeraj

  4. pain is as gibran puts it...
    “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”
    pain heals,transforms,purifies...