Friday, August 7, 2009

khalil gibran at his best...

the world in palm of hand...


  1. i know only gibran .....woh MOHRA movie thi na akshay kumar ki(the one wid song tu cheez badi hai mast mast) usmien gulshan grover the bad man ka naam tha gibran ;)

  2. rofl...
    poor gibran would had commited suicide..
    try reading his broken wings or prophet...
    enlightening for sure...

  3. your blog is awsum...
    thoughtful and interesting...
    keep blogging

  4. Dear Doctor,

    Thank you very much for visiting my site and leaving a kind message.

    Glad you found my humble Zen writing useful. I could not really claim credit for it for Dhamma belongs to everyone and I owed a lot to my parents and teachers.

    May you continue to grow in Dhamma and may you always be happy, peceful, and free from suffering.

    Your friend in Zen,


  5. dear nash,
    i can see the white wings of your soul trying to soar in the blue skies of freedom...
    The silent flapping of white wings in a clear blue sky……
    may you soar in zen..
    bliss and peace to you...


  6. I am a big fan of Khalil's writing,and whenver I found someone who like him i get the feeling of companionship.
    Love to see people liking his work.