Friday, July 9, 2010

the cancer ward..

When it shall rain,birds will come out of their nests

they shall fly,they shall be free...

i see rain through my window pane too

can i go back soon?

The silent muttering into her mother's ear,tightly clasping her hand asking her..

"Am i going home today?"

Posted by PicasaSARAH..

A girl named Sarah from Afghanistan smiling her way fighting with leukemia...She touched my life like no one ever did..she doesn't understand my language and neither do i hers except for a salaam yet she readily smiles and offers me her hand without a fail whenever she sees me.A curious connection exists between her and me which is impossible to describe in words but in her smiling face and undying spirit i take a refuge.

Her smile will always play on broken strings of my heart.

Whenever i shall feel life is overwhelming,i shall remember song of her heart and infectious smile gliding on her face....i shall find a panacea....

if you look up to me for answers why should children suffer so much...?why God is so cruel to them...?i probably don't have any answers..

But understanding,empathy,concern,wisdom,discretion,sensitivity grows from pain only..

pain makes you more aware,more grateful and gives you life in its yin and yang...

We cringe,curse,are creatures of ingratitude,greedy,seldom thankful to existence for living throbbing life we get and hundreds other gifts..

but something changed in me today for smile more often,to be more grateful for each atom of life,every breath i breathe, every time my heart pumps blood, every time my cells divide,every time i am down in dumps, a SMILE will come from somewhere and lift my spirits up!!!

let life never rob child of her smile....

god bless...