Wednesday, April 28, 2010

random poetry...

in to the blossoming buds
behind the quivering breaths
icicles hanging from the muddy roofs
into her resurrected essence...

the crowds and commotion
spreading and yelling out loud
a child crying somewhere
lost his mothers touch...

painting the town red
chaos and death
sniggering at her back
humanity fleds...

triumph in failures
eternal hope alive
will she wake to see a day
when she flies...

dark secrets of her forlorn heart,
sobbing uncontrollably,
where her life has drifted?

the little girl runs
away from people
into the jungle
amidst the rabbits...

pay scales discussed
the polished grooms
the little bride
looks for love everywhere...

finding her smiling
people are astounded
she looks in mirror
do i look that strange?

summer rain welcome
with hailstorms
children collect hail
their interpretation of snow..

raindrops struggling on leaves,shimmering like pearls
ruling the earth
till it bursts...

a silence in
chaos,triumph in failures
a deep acceptance
into her
galactical essence...

untimely power cuts
melting in sun
ruthless sun penetrating
to break her self imposed shell...

beyond the unimaginable
lies the wreck of her
searching its lost pieces...

a life in a room
where dreams were made
and shattered too...

sweet summer sweat
dried up puddles
unkind heat brewing up
a tree shade somewhere...

singing her choirs
her reflected self
assigns much joy
to things she loves...

healing and support
fat medical books
rote learning
her niche somewhere else...

hanging on
she shall die of boredom
she better let go!!

love lost
friends lost
self found
shall suffice...

she is eternal,
unique self.
she should not forget
this benign truth...