Wednesday, October 14, 2009

broken wings

There lived a girl once,
in her silent cocoon
in her space chocked by her own silent tears
who closes her eyes to hope her life is a reverie
she winks and finds her life an agony
she looks at flower's and sees them bloom
she looks at night and fights her gloom
she holds a pen and scribble her thoughts
for she fears her dreams will die in her heart
she yearns to be free in boundless sky
she flies like seagull to far off skies...

people tell her oddities
and coax her to prove her self to all
she tried and tries still so hard
but she seems so lost in all that is not part of her heart
she is a failure as people often call her
or snigger at her back
she understands it all
but knows in her heart
her vision lies somewhere else
her life seems drowned in pain
her wings clipped and broken
and destiny torn and shed
she sees no hope
nor a rainbow
in her path strewn with stones
she thought she was special
but life crushed her so badly
that she is hope,to dream to feel
she befriended her silence
and nursed her hurt
she stopped blaming herself for all wrongs that her life endured
she wanted a balm
a touch to heal
she knew nobody could help her
but her self
she thanks life still for all pains she feel
for she thinks she couldn't be a woman she became without these pains indeed!!!!

In retrospect she thinks she still has a spark,an eye to look at things differently,her gleamy soul,candid moments,her painful past,her divine growth,her sensitivity,her uniqueness,her faith,her hopes,her dreams which she yearns and not what people have chosen for her....
she knew..."Whatever you do, you need courage.there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always dificulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right."
she met her path,she danced and growing strength from her eternal web of solitude she flew to depths of deepest ocean,to azure blue sky,beyond clouds,near eternal sunshine,beyond doubts,beyond pain and joy,far from tears and laughter....
she flew...beyond limitations of human life!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~