Thursday, August 20, 2009


I always was apprehensive of working in pediatrics because i could not see children in pain, in suffering, in fight against the inevitable,in feeling of hopelessness in their body when their soul yearns to fly...

but as life is without any plausible explanations...of why and why nots??

i was posted in pediatrics which i joined with much grin...
children..of all ages,of diseases varied,petrified,confused,crying,some going home after been treated well,some jumping in bed when knowing that they will be going home tomorrow,and some unfortunate ones whose only respite is death and one wonders whether medicine is prolonging their sufferingsor giving them elusive respite...!!!

A three year old girl with brain tumor with cancer hollowing her whole body but couldn't dampen her spirits...
her shaky voice telling me didi will i be fine?

Another girl anjali...her 45 th day in hospital with severe congenital heart disease with only one atrium and ventricle with hypo plastic pulmonary artery,with multiple brain abscesses living each day as living corpse and into her 13th birthday with her dreams lying scattered and ruined...

a child of 3 years with tumor of kidney..who has forgotten how to laugh...

A child of blood cancer little knowing what he has telling me that he wants to be a doctor when he grows up...


why they should suffer so much?

but as i does not have answers to all queries...

Monday, August 3, 2009

love in autumn..

ah..those tantalizing moments of love,
of love in autumn,of dance with leaves..
of song of parched souls..
bequeathing a new dream..

those moments of dying,
and falling as leaves,
those lifting us free
and resurrecting our being...

those old stories and elusive being,
waiting in storms,running with gales,
those dried leaves in books..
promising to be witness
of love few could feel..

hiding stealthily in his garb,
gazing at infinite sky,
drifting in paranormal,
with his presence close to my heart..

laughing on abstract,
running on endless roads,
gathering the parched leaves,
to make our homes..

young and old we shall be now,
yellow and red our leaves,
but the love i felt for you,
when the leaf blossomed,
is as virgin it could be....

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